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Every Saturday a desktop wallpaper will be featured of David which will be one of the many characters he has played that have featured in my stories.  Click the photo to get a full size view then save it.

Can't watch Broadchurch series 3 in your country?  Try HERE  They are NOT hosted on Blogger - they have been embedded from storage and may disappear without notice.  I know a lot of fans can't watch it yet, which is totally unfair.  If they do get removed, leave a comment below and I will see what I can do.

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Weekly story special: Married life with Rose and Alec

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Following on from 'Rose Tyler's new life, their journey continues as they marry and settle down in a small village just outside Broadchurch and plan to start a family.  All is not settled though, there are some surprises, excitement and scares for the newlyweds and the first birthday present that Rose buys Alec just after they met comes into its own.