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Every Saturday a desktop wallpaper will be featured of David which will be one of the many characters he has played that have featured in my stories.  Click the photo to get a full size view then save it.

Dave Tiler from the story - 'A single rose'

Can't watch Broadchurch series 3 in your country?  Try HERE  They are NOT hosted on Blogger - they have been embedded from storage and may disappear without notice.  I know a lot of fans can't watch it yet, which is totally unfair.  If they do get removed, leave a comment below and I will see what I can do.

Missed the trailers?  - Go to Series 3 Videos

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Weekly story special: Rose and the college professor

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Inspired by a sub-plot my story 'Rose Tyler moves to Broadchurch' which included flashbacks into Rose's past, this is a separate story that follows Rose Tyler, who was separated from The Doctor after 'Doomsday' and how she fell in love with a college professor, Dr Jonathan Smith. This story can be read separately from the original.