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David has been busy filming a new series of 'There she goes' for BBC2 and also recording a track for an album to raise money for BBC Children in need.

David will be appearing in a new drama for UK's Channel 4 called 'Deadwater Fell'  More details here plus a new Netflix series 'Criminal' and 'Around the world in 80 days'

'You, Me and Him is now being shown on Sky Cinema more details here

Now available on Amazon Prime video: Get a free trial if you are not already a member:  see your country for details!

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Every Saturday a desktop wallpaper will be featured of David which may be one of the many characters he has played of which some have featured in my stories.  Click the photo to get a full size view then save it.

From 'There she goes'

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Have you listened to David's podcast yet?

David has launched a series of podcasts, interviewing so far Olivia Colman, Whoopi Goldberg, Jodie Whittaker (the 13th Doctor) Sir Ian McKellen, John Hamm, Gordon Brown Catherine Tate Kristen Ritter James Corden, Samantha Bee, Tina Fey and currently Michael Sheen.

The podcast seems to be taking a break but recently his wife hinted he was recording more.

Listen here or look for 'David Tennant Does a Podcast With…' wherever you get your podcasts from.

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Can't watch Broadchurch series 3 in your country?  Try HERE  They are NOT hosted on Blogger - they have been embedded from storage and may disappear without notice.  I know a lot of fans can't watch it yet, which is totally unfair.  If they do get removed, leave a comment below and I will see what I can do.

Missed the trailers?  - Go to Series 3 Videos

Missed Episodes 1 - 8?

If you live in another country, check your TV stations's website for more details

Screencaps from episodes can be found here thanks to

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Story of the week: This week - A lost love returns

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Six months after Danny Latimer's death, Alec Hardy had been trying to cope with life after the investigation and the loss of his love – Rose Tyler when she leaves him behind in Broadchurch to go back home when she can't bear the fact he won't do anything about getting his operation. The trial is over and as he is packing to leave his chalet when he finds her on his doorstep.