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Brand new Christmas Doctor Who story titled 'The ghosts of Christmas past' is ready now!  See below.  Also, better late than never - another new story for the new year titled 'Rose's new year's surprise'.

Important announcements

I am very sorry for the lack of new stories last year but I have just started another new one and I have just finished some.  I will also try to keep the stories a bit shorter than some of the previous ones.  See below for details of the new ones titled 'Where were you that night?' which has been completed and 'Run away from you'

Most of David's projects have been put on hold for the due to the Covid-19 outbreak for his and his co-workers' protection unless he can work from home or safely meet with others.

Filming is still limited on 'Around the world in 80 days' until they find safe ways of doing more.

If there is any news, see the Twitter re-tweets at the bottom of the page.

New series of 'Staged' now being shown on BBC1 from 4th January 2021 - catch up on BBC iplayer

David has plenty of projects coming up this year, the majority being audio dramas as filming is still very limited.  Find out more here (I am not associated with the website but they work tirelessly to bring news)

David played a serial killer in a new ITV Drama called 'Des'.  Read more here  It has also been picked up for international TV screenings plus a new trailer has been released.  It has won David several awards so far and there will probably be even more - hopefully!  You can catch up on the ITV Hub in the UK or in the US and Canada on Sundance.  You can also get it on DVD, see the side column.

Stay safe everyone!

NEW STORY FOR CHRISTMAS and the new year!!  These will be up until the end of January!

The ghosts of Christmas past

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After Doomsday, The Doctor is missing Rose and not handling it very well, then seeing her fleetingly at Bad Wolf Bay makes him even worse.  Rose Tyler is now in Pete's World and is missing him just as much when it comes to Christmas parties and pink paper hats.  He is busy trying to find a way to get to her but as usual keeps getting distracted.