Can't hide it much longer

Rose Tyler gets a surprise when Pete hires a new head of alien artefacts before he goes back to 
stop her from falling into the void. On Rose's first day at work, she almost faints to see Jamie Smith, who looks like The Doctor sat at a desk covered in bits of alien 'tech'. On their wedding day, Rose meets another double, Alec Hardy and Jamie gets jealous when he sees them talking.

Chapter 1

Rose does some training with Jake and Mickey while she and Jackie get integrated into society and get used to living in a new world and Jamie Smith is indifferent when told he'd be having someone working with him.

On Rose's first day at work, she almost faints to see who looks like The Doctor sat at a desk covered in bits of alien 'tech' as he calls it and he looks up and tells her he'll have a coffee, thinking she's his new assistant.

She puts him right, saying who she is and thinks there's no way she's going to be able to put up with a cross between The Doctor and a smart-ass. She soon sees a difference between the two although this one still goes looking for trouble by dragging her to alien crash sites and digs.

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Rose was never so horrified as the force of 'The Void' was pulling on her towards it, The Doctor calling out for her to hang on.

"Rose! Just keep hold for a few more minutes," he called out again as she was only hanging on with one hand.

"Doctor, I can't," Rose admitted as it was taking all her strength.

"You have to," he replied, wishing he could trade places with her.

It seemed like his whole nine hundred plus years as a Timelord were flashing in front of his eyes and in all that time, he'd never met anyone like Rose Tyler, well maybe Sarah-Jane was a close tie as he'd been reminded when he'd met her again recently.

"Doctor, I'm sorry," Rose called out as she willed herself to hold on to the lever.

He heard a loud noise and knew she'd let go and he watched helplessly as she was pulled in slow motion towards the last of the gap. Maybe it would close before she got there, he hoped. At least the last of the Daleks and Cybermen had gone, which might trigger the gap to close but Rose would crash into the wall or at least drop to the floor.

Why had it been her side that Dalek had bumped into the lever? Then, he saw a flicker of hope as a dark shadow appeared from nowhere and formed briefly as Pete Tyler, who had given in to Rose's mother nagging him. Pete had agreed to go talk to Rose and persuade her to go back with him and he'd hoped the Cybermen and those Daleks had been dealt with.

Pete quickly took in his surroundings and held his arms out to catch Rose as the backdraught from the force of The Void began to subside but Pete quickly activated his device around his neck before Rose had the chance to argue. He couldn't face Jackie if he returned without her daughter, even though Rose had chosen to go back of her own free will.

He'd already gathered this Jackie Tyler wouldn't accept no for an answer. As Rose realised she'd been taken back to the other universe and her mother dashed towards her she couldn't believe it.

"Mum, why did ya send Pete to get me?" Rose wanted to know.

"Too late," Pete told her as his device went dead. "You can't get back now and you heard what The Doctor said," he reminded her.

"It's not fair," Rose said tearfully. "I want to go back."

She walked towards the wall, where she knew The Doctor was at the other side.

"Leave her Jackie," Pete told her. "You both have to get used to living in this world now."

"Had those things gone?" Jackie wanted to know.

"I never saw any of them but think of what went on there Jackie?" Pete replied. "You'd best both come with me, until we get sorted out. Mickey, bring Rose."

"Leave me alone," Rose insisted as Mickey tried to lead her away from the wall. "He's still there, I know he is."

"Come on Rose, we have to go," Mickey still insisted. "He's still trying to get this place sorted out, me and Jake have been helping."

Pete drove them all to his mansion, which he'd been about to sell but now he wasn't so sure about it.

"You're both welcome to stay as long as you like," Pete told Rose and Jackie. "Unless you want to risk staying with Mickey?" he then joked.

Jackie had visions of green slime on the kitchen walls the last time she'd been in Mickey's flat.

"I've got control of Torchwood," he carried on telling them. "I'm hiring experts to sort things out and salvage anything that was left behind."

"How could ya let the Cybermen escape to our world?" Rose wanted to know as reality finally hit her.

"Nothing to do with me," Pete replied, knowing she was still angry. "I was still trying to get my company back after Lumic's demise, remember? Blame the population, they wanted to know why the Cybermen were locked up when they'd once been Human."

"I know, I was at the factory when they walked in to be converted," Rose complained. "Will you get those devices working again?"

Pete couldn't blame her for asking.

"No, I don't think so, Torchwood's not fully back yet, there's a lot to do," Pete admitted. "Mickey will bring you up to date but there's a job for you, if you want it?"

"Why would I want to work there?" Rose replied. Then she realised she was being ungrateful for being saved from The Void. "Sorry."

"Forget it. Here we are then," Pete replied as he pressed the remote on the dashboard and some tall gates opened. "I got the house sorted out," he told Rose.

"Have ya been here before then?" Jackie asked her.

"It's a long story Mum," Rose told her.

"Well I suppose I'll have time to find out?" Jackie replied as she stared at the house they were approaching. "You lived here, on ya own Pete?"

"After I lost my wife," he replied sadly. "She was converted, by the Cybermen."

Pete stopped the car and Jackie put her hand on his shoulder.

"I'm so sorry Pete," Jackie told him.

"Yeah. Well I have minimum staff, they'll make you both comfortable," Pete snapped out of it. "Are you staying tonight Mickey?"

"Yeah, I'll help Rose settle in," Mickey agreed. "Rose, you could have any job you want if you come and work at Torchwood."

"What about me?" Jackie asked as one of the male staff appeared from the house and helped her out of the car.

"Ah, Jackie," Pete thought about it. "Let's get you settled first?"

"Well I'm not gonna be the cleaner," Jackie replied as she looked up at the house, making Rose smile.

They were shown to some rooms and Pete then addressed the staff, who had been with him since he'd secured it from the Cybermen attack.

"My guests are to be extended every courtesy," Pete began to tell the half dozen or so staff. "I don't know how long they'll be here."

He then thought Rose would probably leave at the first chance she got after being here before. He still doubted she'd move in with Mickey though after being told they'd broken up after Rose had first met The Doctor. He'd already warned both Jake and Mickey not to say anything to Rose about the new head of alien artefacts he'd recently hired.

Although Doctor Jamie Smith resembled the Doctor Pete had encountered, he'd seen no reason why he shouldn't employ him. He'd no reason to think he'd ever see Rose or The Doctor again and the Cybermen when they had vanished three years ago, the only thing still to put right at Torchwood was the old abandoned lever room.

How would Rose react if she accepted a job?

"Pete, I'll think about the job but won't I need some sort of training?" Rose decided to ask.

"Mickey and Jake can sort that out," Pete replied. "Jackie, I wasn't suggesting you did the cleaning," he then laughed.

"I should hope not," Jackie complained. "Rose, what are we gonna do about the stuff we left behind? If I'd known I was gonna end up here, I'd rather have gone to Mars."

Pete looked at her.

"Mum, there's nothing on Mars," Rose reminded her. "If either of us knew what was gonna happen, we'd still have got caught up with the Cybermen fightin' everywhere. Pete's right, it's safer here but all the Cybermen went into the void. Don't know about the Daleks though. I'm gonna find a way back to The Doctor, can ya get those devices workin' again?" she asked Pete.

"It was just lucky they worked before," Pete told her. "I'm making no promises but I have someone checking for any signs there's a way through. It was just in case the devices didn't work and Mickey needed help."

"How did ya know all the Cybermen had got through?" Rose then wanted to know.

"There was no sign of them here," Pete began to tell her. "According to The Doctor, it had taken them three years to reach your world, that means we're three years ahead of your world, since it couldn't have taken them all three years. I reckon the first of them had some way of communicating with those left here."

"We started working for Pete when we got back from trying to rescue those who had been captured," Mickey explained. "It was a right mess, right Pete?"

"We'll talk more, meanwhile make yourselves at home," Pete told Rose and Jackie. "You can go shopping tomorrow but you might find things a bit strange, I'll get someone to take you."

Mickey took Rose by her arm and led her upstairs.

"Rose, you'll get used to it here," he tried to tell her.

"I don't wanna get used to it Micks, I wanna go back," Rose insisted.

"I know you loved him," Mickey admitted. "After he changed, so did you."

"That's not fair, I would have wanted to stay with him even if he'd not changed," Rose replied.

"You liked him then," Mickey reminded her. "He knew that Rose."

"Stop it, I'm tired and I don't even want to be here Mickey. He's back there, dealing with everything and he's on his own," Rose reminded him.

They were joined by Pete's housekeeper, who took Rose around a corner and opened a door.

"You'll be comfortable here, Miss Rose," Emily told her. "If you need anything, just ask, I'll have one of the maids find you something to wear."

"Not of Mrs Tyler's?" Rose hoped.

"Of course not Miss," Emily assured her. "We have a linen cupboard with nightwear, that was kept when Mrs Tyler invited people to stay. You know what happened to her?"

Rose nodded, looking at Mickey.

"Yeah, I was here that night, we tried to save her," Rose replied.

"Don't think about it Rose," Mickey insisted. "Pete told me most of it."

"If you leave your clothes, I'll have them cleaned for you by morning," Emily added.

"Thanks. What was your name?" Rose then asked.

"It's Emily, Miss," Rose was told.

Rose thought she would have freaked out if the woman had been called Flora.

"Dinner is at six," Emily then informed Rose.

"Thanks, I need some time to let it all sink in," Rose admitted, Emily looking at her.

"Rose, we need to talk," Mickey told her, leading her inside. "I don't think Pete will want the staff to know where you and your mother came from."

"Yeah, sorry," Rose realised he was right. "They know what happened to the other Jackie though."

"They'll have been told what they needed to know," Mickey replied. "You should go talk to your mother, at least you've been in similar situations," he reminded her. "Did ya tell her about this world?"

"Not much. Mickey, she'd have freaked out if I'd told her there was another Pete here," Rose had to smile.

"She did freak out when she saw him," Mickey laughed.

"So, what's been going on at Torchwood then?" Rose wanted to know. "Will someone try to get those devices working again?"

"Don't tell Pete I told ya but they may be on to something else," Mickey admitted. "I can't say much about it."

"Great, then I can get back," Rose replied. "I left a load of stuff in my room in the Tardis."

They talked for a while longer, Mickey trying to tell her the differences and who the president was, Rose not believing it was Harriet Jones. Then they went to find Jackie, who was trying to come to terms with where she was.

"Are ya gonna go work at this Torchwood then?" Jackie asked Rose.

"Mum, I don't know yet. I mean I might need some qualifications. What do you do there Mickey?"

"Security with Jake," Mickey replied proudly. "We sort out any trouble."

They went down to eat, Pete telling them he'd take care of them and get them set up if they wanted to leave but Jackie wasn't so sure she wanted to be out on her own just yet. As time went on, Rose was enrolled in a local collage to complete her education, Pete giving her a generous allowance and Jackie just did what she felt like doing but was spending more time in the evenings with Pete, who was careful where they went as he didn't want anyone thinking his Jackie had come back but then he had an idea, if Jackie agreed.

"Ya want me to what?" Jackie wanted to be sure she'd heard right one evening.

"Jackie, think about it? Things are still confused here after what the Cybermen did," he admitted. "Only the staff know apart from us. What do you think Rose?"

"Mum, think about it, you could be a reformed version of her. No offence Pete but the other one wasn't very nice, she was nasty to me."

"Yeah, sorry about that, she never treated any of the staff fairly," Pete had to admit.

"Well, that was the second time I was treated badly," Rose replied. "Never mind that now but Pete's right Mum, it would explain a lot of things. What about me though?"

"Well, no-one's seen much of you. You could be the daughter we gave up all that time ago," Pete suggested. "You could have found us that night you were here then in all the confusion, you decided against it and ran off. You could say we finally found you again?"

"Well if I have to have a cover story, so can you," Jackie decided.

So Pete went about sorting everything for them and he called a press conference to explain that he'd been keeping it all quiet until they had got used to the idea of being back together again and once they had, they'd decided to go public to avoid any speculation.

Slowly, Jackie began to settle down and decided it was time to play her part for real, which made Pete happy since things had not well between him and the other Jackie in the later years but then he wondered if things had ever been right from the start.

He now felt more at home with this Jackie and treating Rose like his long lost daughter made it even better, since he couldn't thank her enough for trying to save the other Jackie and helping to free those who were about to be turned into Cybermen.

Pete and Jackie had a private ceremony to renew their wedding vows and Rose was now officially their daughter. She'd done well at collage and was almost ready to join the team at Torchwood. It was now eighteen months Rose and Jackie had been in their new world and Jackie announced she was pregnant just as Rose swore The Doctor was trying to contact her.

She waited, thinking no-one would believe her at first then one weekend, Mickey was staying over and when she thought she'd heard The Doctor's voice calling her, she woke them all up and told them.

"Rose, you're certain?" Pete asked her after Mickey had.

"It's been happening a while," Rose admitted. "He told me to follow his voice."

"Well I'm coming as well," Jackie told them. "He owes us an explanation."

"Jaks, you were told to rest," Pete reminded her.

"Well I'll be resting in the car Pete," Jackie insisted.

"We'd best take my old jeep, if we don't know where we're going. Mickey, get dressed and help Rose and Jackie bring their stuff down, I'll get the jeep out of the garage. It'll be less conspicuous than either of the others."

They drove for hundreds of miles, across the water, Rose being pretty certain in her old world that such a journey by ferry was no longer in use then they finally ended up on a beach, Jackie trying to pronounce the name on the map.

"If ya ask me, that looks Norwegian for Dalek," Jackie pointed and laughed.

"Don't be daft Jackie," Pete insisted as he helped her out.

Rose was already at the water's edge, looking for any signs of The Doctor. She looked at her parents, thinking maybe she shouldn't have let her mother come with them. Then she turned back and a faint figure appeared in front of her.

"Ya look like a ghost," she told The Doctor.

"Hang on," he told her as he pointed his sonic screwdriver towards what Rose guessed was the Tardis control panel.

"Can't ya come through properly?" she asked him.

"Sorry, it's not possible, the two world's would collide," The Doctor grinned. "So, your mum and Pete are together?"

"Yeah, another little Tyler on the way," Rose smiled.

"You're not?" The Doctor acted surprised.

"No, you plum, it's mum. Anyway, this Torchwood's open for business and I'm about to join them."

"Good for you. In Pete's hands it will maybe do some good," The Doctor agreed. "I can't keep this projection much longer, there was so much I wanted to say to you."

"Yeah, so did I," Rose told him. "I'm gonna find my way back."

"If anyone can do it, it's you," he laughed.

He saw tears in her eyes and knew she was determined. He knew she needed some encouragement but time was running out.

"I'm in orbit around a nebula, I'm burning up a sun, just to say goodbye," he then told her. "It won't last much longer."

"Doctor. I…. I love you," she managed to get the words out.

"I suppose, since it's my last chance to say it," he began as he realised he wasn't going to be able to deny it any longer. "Rose Tyler. I…"

Time ran out just as he said 'love you' and he knew she'd not heard it. There had been a tiny gap, enough to talk to her but it must have taken a while for her to realise she wasn't imagining hearing his voice. It must also have taken them a considerable time to get to Norway. He'd hoped she'd seen the significance of seeing him at a place called Bad Wolf Bay.

Jackie had noticed Rose turn around and ran towards her, pulling her into a hug.

"He's gone Mum," Rose cried.

"I know sweetheart but maybe you'll meet someone who will take the pain away?" Jackie tried to console her.

The Doctor also had tears in his eyes at the thought Rose hadn't heard what he just tried to tell her. Why had he been an idiot and not told her when she was with him? He was just going around the console to get ready to take off again when he came face to face with a red-headed woman in a wedding dress who wanted to know where the hell she was.

As if losing Rose hadn't been enough.

Chapter 2

Rose started her first day at Torchwood going around with Jake. She'd fallen out with Mickey when they'd argued on the way back from Norway and despite Pete and Jake trying to mediate between them, nothing had worked so Mickey finally decided to leave.

He was just leaving Pete's office and Pete wished him good luck.

"Sorry it didn't work out. This place is big enough for you two to carry on avoiding each other," Pete suggested.

"I have to say no," Mickey replied. "I didn't mean for her to find who she'd be working with like that Pete."

"It's done now, it was just a bit of a shock," Pete tried to assure him. "She just took it out on you instead of us, what with Jackie almost due now. She would have found out when she got here, now Jake may find it easier?"

Rose and Jake were about to go to the tech lab when he stopped her.

"Are you sure ya wanna work here?" Jake asked her.

"Until I finish training," Rose replied. "I can handle it. Does he know?"

"Yeah, he's been told but not who ya are," Jake laughed as they arrived in the basement. "Pete thought it best not to let him know he'll be working with the boss's stepdaughter."

"Well he'd better not think I'm there to fetch and carry," Rose replied.

Jake went in first and called for Jamie Smith, who was just opening a new container for sorting that had been brought from the sub basement.

He picked up the first piece, shook it and threw it into an empty container.

"Rubbish," he said, looking disappointed. "Can't they do better than that?"

"Jamie," Jake called again. "Remember I said you were getting some help?"

"Ah, a new assistant?" he replied after he went to sit at his desk, which was covered in various articles. "Mine's coffee, no sugar."

"Excuse me, I'm not your assistant," Rose objected, making Jake laugh.

"Well what are you doing here then?" Jamie wanted to know. "Jake, I thought I had free reign down here?"

"Chill out Jamie, she's here to help ya sort this stuff out. There's things coming in all the time," Jake reminded him. "This is Rose. Say hello."

"Hmm, what does she know about alien artefacts?" Jamie asked, getting up and going to the coffee machine.

Rose went to pick something up.

"Well, what's this then?" she threw it to him, having recognised it as something she'd seen in Van Statten's museum. "Jake, where did this lot come from?"

"Hold on while I check," Jake replied, checking on his phone. "Some millionaire got caught hoarding all this stuff and we marched in and confiscated it," he grinned.

She took his arm and led him away.

"Jake, I know this stuff, it's from someone called Van Statten, right?" Jake nodded. "Jake, in my world, I went there, that's where I first saw a Dalek, he had one chained up."

"Rose, there we no Daleks, honest," Jake assured.

"Jake it was in a basement. Are agents still there? They have to check, I mean it. Tell Pete."

"Okay, I'll tell him. Geez Rose, you should tell him the rest, come on," Jake told her.

"Leaving so soon?" Jamie wondered. "Honestly, I don't mind having an assistant," he looked at Rose as he put something down.

"Jamie, don't touch any more of that stuff 'til I get back to you," Jake warned him.

"Why, what's wrong with it?" Jamie wanted to know.

"The source is questionable, that's all. Rose is an expert, she's had experience," was all Jake was willing to say.

"Oh, she's an alien expert?" Jamie laughed as he got up. "What do I do with this lot?"

"I'll send some men in to clear your desk, stay away from it," Jake reminded him. "Yes, Rose is an alien expert, thankfully, she knows where it's all come from."

"Then I thank you Rose," Jamie told her.

"That don't make up for ya thinking I was here to make drinks for ya," Rose turned on him.

Jamie put his hands up in defence.

"Come on Rose," Jake took her arm.

"Can I join you?" Jamie asked, thinking it would be interesting.

"Jake, he doesn't need to know," Rose insisted.

"Rose, he's been working on this stuff the last few days," Jake replied.

"Geez, I dread to think what else is in those containers," Rose shuddered. "Jake, ya have no idea. He collected one of everything, the only existing one of everything. He's a collector and he doesn't care where he gets things from. How did ya even overpower him?"

"Someone turned him in," Jake recalled. "He'd gone by the time we got there."

"Why didn't Pete tell me about it?" Rose wondered.

"Rose, ya were just gettin' over Norway and trying to get good grades at college," Jake reminded her.

"What happened in Norway?" Jamie wanted to know.

"It's private," Rose replied. "If ya wanna know about Van Statten's collection, I'll clear it with Pete."

They all went up to Pete's office, Pete surprised Rose hadn't freaked out at the sight of Jamie. Jake had called him on the way up that Rose knew where all the latest artefacts had come from.

"I didn't tell you because I had no idea you'd come across them before," Pete told her once they'd all settled down. "When we got there, the place was in chaos, staff were running in all directions trying to get out because the crazy collector's second in command was about to order the place to be set in concrete. Thankfully, it was stopped."

"Dad, we have to let Jamie in on my secret, so he knows I'm tellin' the truth. If ya don't agree, he has to leave now and everything has to be buried in a vault. There could be a lot of dangerous things," Rose explained.

"Calm down love," Pete told her. "We got word that Van Statten was becoming unhinged so we began investigating, he was nowhere to be seen. There were a lot of his collection in display cases, we were leaving them for now."

"Geez Dad, you know who nearly ended up in one of those," Rose sank back in her chair. "You're best burying it in concrete, trust me. Get some of the smaller stuff out but the large stuff?"

"Okay, take care of it Jake. Pass it on immediately that no-one is to go near any display cases. He tells me though that you're more worried about a certain enemy that might be there?" Pete asked her.

"Dad, if it is, the whole planet's in danger," Rose warned him.

"I've seen them, remember?" he reminded her.

"What are we talking about?" Jamie asked.

Pete went in his desk drawer and brought out a pad of forms.

"Rose's past is sealed, only a certain few know about it. Rose, do you want to tell him?" Pete wanted to make sure.

"Just what he needs to know," Rose insisted. "I just want that place and what's in it destroyed."

"We could use some of the things that were brought here," Jamie told her as he took the form.

"He didn't know what most of it was, he saw it and wanted it, he had to own it," Rose told him.

"You met him?" Jamie asked as he signed the form.

Rose looked over to Pete.

"Ya could say that," Rose admitted. "He almost wiped out the entire population for his amusement. No, it wasn't here," she turned to Jamie. "It was in a parallel world and he'd captured this creature called a Dalek, he was torturing it."

"You? You come from a parallel world?" Jamie sat down again. "You have no idea how long I have been trying to make people believe they exist."

"You never said anything," Pete reminded him.

"You would have thought I was crazy," Jamie admitted.

"It's what we do," Jake laughed. "Right now, we have to deal with that collection. Rose is right, it needs burying, I'll go supervise it. Want to come Rose?"

"No way Jake. I saw enough of it. You have guards on it?" she wanted to make sure.

"The same ones, they work for us now," Jake replied. "How about you Jamie?"

"Yeah, do I get to see any more?" Jamie asked.

"It's too dangerous. There's other stuff to go through besides that, I'll have some sent to you," Jake promised him.

"Then I'll stay here, if you'll join me and tell me more of where you come from, Rose?" he asked her.

"Jake, be careful," Rose warned him.

Jake went off and Rose followed Jamie down to his lab, why, she didn't know. He seemed a bit of a smart-ass to her but at least he believed where she came from.

"Well, well, well," Jamie grinned at her as he leaned on the elevator wall on the way back down. "Who would have guessed the Vitex heiress wasn't from around here?"

"You signed a confidentiality contract," Rose reminded him as she watched the floor indicator.

"So, what's with Norway then?" he still wanted to know.

"None of your business," she insisted as the lift slowed down.

"Touchy" he laughed as they got out. "Does that mean you won't tell me anything?"

"Hey, I hate to disappoint ya but there's not much to tell ya," Rose decided to put him right. "I came here because of those Cybermen, I didn't come here because I wanted to."

Jamie was not going to be satisfied with being told half the story. Pete had told Rose it was up to her how much she told him and now this world's version of Henry Van Statten may be on the loose.

"So you won't tell me about the Daleks either?" Jamie dared ask her as Rose sat opposite him.

"This is too much, I thought he'd gone," Rose admitted. "Van Statten I mean. If there's a Dalek in that place, every single living thing on this planet is in danger, if ya think the Cybermen were bad enough, think again. Daleks are completely crazy, they think only of themselves, that nothing but them should exist in the whole universe."

"Rose, I believe you," Jamie tried to assure her. "Maybe there isn't one though?"

"We can't be sure," Rose replied. "The whole of Torchwood may not be enough, unless the thing's chained up but if a time traveller touches it, it will be restored."

"Is that what happened on your world?" Jamie wanted to know.

Rose went quiet.

"Tell me Rose? I want to understand. I meant what I said, I used to wonder what it was like out there, what there was on other planets. Where did the Daleks come from? Who invented them and how did they come to Earth?"

"Whoa!" Rose told him. "Hold on. From what I know, they've never been here so I don't know how Van Statten got hold of one, if he did get one. As far as I know, a lot of things I've come across have never been here. This is crazy."

"You're not kidding," Jamie grinned. "So, will Jake just have that place buried?"

"Probably, it's the safest," Rose agreed. "That madman won't have known what he'd collected."

"So, what was that item earlier then?" Jamie grinned.

"You said I know nothing about alien artefacts," she reminded him.

"Oh come on Rose," he laughed.

"Oh, okay then. It was a musical instrument. You have to run your hands over it, very gently. It sounds beautiful."

"Really? Well no-one will ever hear it, lucky you," Jamie told her.

"Think what would happen if it was introduced to the public?" she asked him. "Who do we choose to give it to, so they can learn to play it?"

"You?" he suggested.

"Be serious," Rose warned him.

"Think about it? You would be world famous," he teased her.

"Stop it, smart-ass. What am I even doing here?' she questioned him.

"I thought you were going to come and work with me?" he grinned.

"Seriously?" Rose tried not to smile.

"You know you want to," he teased her. "There are other places other than that museum you know?"

"Yeah? Such as?" Rose tried not to sound like she was even remotely interested in going to find alien artefacts, especially with him.

"Could be fun?" he wondered what it would be like. "You might even know what some of it is? All this lot will be taken away then?"

"Nothing's to be touched," Rose confirmed. "We don't have a clue what that maniac collected. I only saw a few of the things the other one had."

"You could keep me out of trouble," Jamie suggested, waggling his eyebrows.

Rose did start laughing.

"Seriously? You got a girlfriend then?" she tried not to blush.

"Oh, why would you want to know?" he replied. "Not got enough boyfriends?"

"Do ya believe all that rubbish in the gossip columns?" she asked him.

"Mmm, should I? No, no girlfriend. She said I preferred artefacts to her so she went back to Paris. France – different planet," he laughed.

Rose knew that was something The Doctor had said one time. Why was Jamie reminding her so much of him? He got up and sat on the corner of the desk, holding his hand out.

"What do you say then? We'd make a good team, Rose Tyler."

"Do I have a choice?" Rose wondered. "I'll think about it. I'm gonna see all this stuff gets moved to a secure vault, it's dangerous. Wanna help?"

She called Jake's deputy and got half a dozen men down with trolleys to move all the artefacts on various tables and on the floor, one armed man on the door and one escorting the others. Jake had left word they were to follow Rose's instructions.

Jamie then sat back, his arms behind his head.

"Nearly lunchtime," he declared. "Care to join me?" he then grinned.

"You're so full of it, Jamie Smith," Rose laughed as he got up and offered his hand.

"Me?" he asked innocently. "I was trying to impress you. Is it working?"

"I'm not saying," she tried not to laugh, accepting his hand.

After lunch, Jamie looked on the internet for any signs of unusual activity.

"Ya should be looking on the Torchwood database," Rose decided to tell him, looking at her nails.

"I was never given access," Jamie admitted. "Then, they brought all that lot in. Do you know how long I worked on it and no-one knew about it?"

"Well, I've got full clearance, I'm senior management," Rose bragged.

"Well, you would be," Jamie replied, pulling a face. "I thought I was senior management. Seems not?"

"Ah, don't worry, that'll change if I come and work with ya," Rose then smiled.

"Was that the idea all along?" Jamie asked.

"I had to go through all kinds of training," Rose admitted. "Get one thing clear though, if I come and work with you, we'll be equals, neither of us will be boss. Got it?"

Jamie thought about it.

"Got it," he did a mock salute.

Rose thought at this rate, if he kept doing stuff like that, she'd start to call him 'Doctor' all the time, then he would start asking a load of questions. Then she did get a shock, like he could read her mind.

"Well, I don't really like being called Jamie. It's Doctor Jamie Smith actually, I prefer to be called just 'Doctor'", he declared.

"Geez, I can't call ya that, really I can't," Rose got up and crossed to the window.

He got up and stood behind her.

"Care to explain?" he dared ask. "Anything to do with Norway?"

"Stop it. I had this friend, everyone called him that and I lost him, when the Cybermen were leaving. I can't talk about it," Rose replied, thinking she'd said too much already.

"Was he made into one?" Jamie asked, wondering if he should pat her shoulder or put his arm around her.

"No. He was in the other world, with me. Pete and a team went there, he brought me and my mum here, The Doctor remained, to close the gap. I got stuck here. You have to swear you will never tell another living soul or I'll get Jake to wipe your mind."

He believed she would as well.

"You can trust me," Jamie grinned, using Pete's slogan. "So, what's Norway got to do with it?"

"Stop going on about Norway will ya?" Rose insisted. "If ya must know, there was a tiny gap left and he got a message to me. I told him I loved him but the gap closed before he could answer."

"Oh. Yeah, I can see that would be upsetting then?" Jamie agreed. "Well, you can still call me Jamie then," he grinned. "So, are you going to get me into the database?"

Rose got up and went to his computer, Jamie moving to one side while she typed in the password.

"I'll get the IT department to get you authorised," she promised. "Hey, you thought I was your assistant and I know more than you do. Ha!"

"Very amusing Rose," he replied. "Well, let's find our first project together?" he suggested as Rose moved.

Rose knew this was going to be a big mistake. A few weeks later, they had been on a couple of dates after work, Jamie had been introduced to Jackie, although Pete had told her about him looking like a certain Timelord just in case Rose couldn't cope with it. Jackie was quite please Rose seemed okay with it and he'd been invited to stay one weekend, arriving with Rose on the Friday night.

Jackie had given birth to a baby boy and a nanny had been employed to help her during the day, with Rose helping at night but now, Jackie had decided the nanny should live in, since Rose seemed to have got herself a boyfriend.

"Are you Rose's boyfriend now?" Jackie decided to ask.

"Mum, he's just a friend," Rose corrected her.

"Oh, well, that remains to be seen," Jamie grinned, looking across the table at Rose. "She may consider being my girlfriend, one day?"

"Yeah?" Rose questioned him. "I haven't said I would be yet though, have I?" she corrected him.

"What do I have to do?" Jamie then asked.

"Oi, you two, talk about it later," Jackie reminded them, making Pete smile as Jamie made a face.

"There's not much to discuss yet," Rose replied.

"I'm disappointed Rose," Jamie admitted. "We do have something to talk about then? Will you excuse us? Rose, where can we talk?"

"The conservatory," Rose suggested.

Jamie followed her, reaching for her hand. He was reminding Rose of The Doctor in so many ways but Jamie had a lot less patience, as she was discovering.

"Come on Rose, haven't I made it clear I want you to be my girlfriend?" he asked her once they reached the large conservatory, which was all lit up with tiny blue and white lights around the edges. "You like to come here a lot?" he noticed as she sat on one of the blue and white wicker chairs.

"Yeah, so I can look up at the stars and wonder exactly where my old world is out there. I expect all the stars are in different positions though," she replied.

"You still miss your old world then?" he guessed. "Rose, I thought you'd accepted being here?"

"I have, sort of. Doesn't mean I don't miss my home," she told him sadly.

He went to sit on the corner unit beside her and put his arm around her, prompting her to lean on him.

"I'm sorry Rose. Would it help, if I asked you properly?"

"Jamie, it's not a good idea, we work together," she reminded him.

"So? It could make it more fun. I mean when we eventually start going out looking for alien stuff?" he reminded her. "What do you think? Take your time, over the weekend eh? Let's go out tomorrow night, see a film or a show and maybe even stay out. See how we get on?"

"Separate rooms?" she managed to smile and nudge him.

"Now you're tormenting me," he laughed. "How do we get to know each other properly if we don't share? Tell you what. I promise to be on my best behaviour and if I'm not, you can either throw me out or I'll sleep on the chair? Can't say fairer than that."

"Well, okay then. I pick the show, you pay for the hotel and tickets and don't tell my mum we're sharing or it'll be a short date," Rose relented. "I'll get someone to drop us off if we find a hotel near the theatre, oh and somewhere to dine."

"Blimey, you're an expensive date, Rose Tyler," Jamie laughed. "Not that you're not worth it, you are. Mind you, I'll need to ask for a pay rise!"

Rose looked at him and tried not to laugh and patted his shoulder instead.

"You've been avoiding kissing me properly," he changed the subject.

"Have I?" she tried to deny it.

"You know you have. The moon is out, just those little twinkling lights. What's bothering you Rose?" he asked, touching her cheek gently.

"Nothing. It's just with us working together," she tried to bluff, knowing it wasn't just that and he'd want to know exactly what was holding her back.

The few dates they'd had, Jamie had thought had gone well but Rose had always shied away when he'd tried to kiss her, resulting in just short, sweet kisses. They had made him want more. Rose had loved The Doctor but the only kiss they'd shared was when she'd not even been herself so she didn't know why she was backing away from Jamie.

"Rose, we can still work together, can't we? Lots of couples work together, there's Rita and Steve in accounts who are always snogging in the cafeteria. Then there's Rick and James in IT, the ones who came to reset my computer. I saw the way they looked at each other," he grinned.

He slowly pulled her towards him, to see if she'd back away again but she didn't. Rose knew she'd have to trust someone at some point to feel the same as she did.

"Well?" he asked, stroking her hair back away from her face.

He kissed her cheek gently, then put his finger on her chin and got her to face him.

"Don't back away Rose, please," he whispered.

Chapter 3

Rose didn't back away and Jamie surprised her by taking things slowly.

"Let me see you to your room?" he suggested as Rose found it difficult to get to her feet after being kissed like that.

She vaguely remembered snogging The Doctor when Cassandra possessed her that time but that hadn't really been her in charge.

"Still a bit light-headed Rose?" Jamie teased her. "Oh, is it too early to go to your room? We could watch some TV or go for a walk around the grounds?"

"Dad doesn't like me going around when it's dark," Rose told him. "There are patrols going around the perimeter, after what happened with the Cybermen."

"So, you were here then?" Jamie asked. "That must have been very upsetting for you?"

"Yeah, I try not to think about it, thanks," Rose managed to smile. "Come on then, let's go find mum and dad and tell them we're going out tomorrow night. Mum will be overjoyed and ask ya a lot of questions, so be warned."

"Really?" Jamie sounded worried. Then he saw she was teasing him. "Really Rose. If you are trying to put me off, let me tell you, you are failing miserably."

"Aw, I was just having ya on," she giggled into his shoulder as he put his arm around her. "Are you up to being interrogated by my mother?"

"Try me," he replied, sneaking another kiss.

Jackie was waiting for Rose and who seemed like her new boyfriend to join them in the family room.

"Did ya do that on purpose Pete?" she asked him during an ad break. "I mean hire someone who looks like that alien?"

"Jackie, I wanted her to make her own mind up about him. She could have accepted him or gone to work in some other department. She did have a choice," he reminded her. "Besides, I had no reason to think she was ever coming back when I hired him did I? She took her time to decide about him anyway."

"Well so she should," Jackie told him as the door opened, hoping it wasn't about Tony, though how they'd shortened the poor baby's name so soon, she didn't know.

She still couldn't believe she'd become a mother again after so long.

"Oh, there you two are," she remarked as Jamie tagged along behind Rose, still holding her hand. "So, is it official then?"

They both sat on the small sofa, Rose curling her legs behind her, not leaving poor Jamie much room.

"I think that's a yes, Mrs Tyler," Jamie grinned. "With your approval of course? We plan on going out tomorrow night, my treat. See a show and have dinner, you know?"

"Oh and what about bringing her back?" Jackie wanted to know, forgetting all about the James Bond film she'd been watching for the twentieth time.

"Well, 'erm," Jamie stalled. "I thought maybe I'd treat her and we'd stay out? Save having to worry about getting back. I will return her after breakfast though. Rose invited me for Sunday lunch, didn't you sweetheart?" he grinned at Rose.

That was a surprise to Rose but she had to play along.

"Yeah, ya did invite him to stay the weekend Mum," she reminded Jackie.

"Well I thought maybe ya could look after Tony tomorrow?" Jackie objected.

"Leave them alone Jaks," Pete urged her. "Besides, they won't be going out until late afternoon, will you Rose?" he asked her. "They can babysit for a few hours if you want to go out shopping?"

"Okay, I suppose so?" Rose was forced to agree since she'd sprung it on her mother she was staying out overnight with Jamie and she'd not looked daggers at her yet. "Ya don't mind then Jamie?"

Jamie rather thought he'd been backed into a corner. They watched the remainder of the film then Jackie and Pete went off so Jamie tried his luck getting Rose where he wanted her for some more serious kissing.

"So, we'll choose a hotel near the theatre you choose in the morning then?" he suggested as he'd got Rose to unfasten some of his shirt buttons.

He then walked her to her room and they kissed goodnight. Rose was still a bit light-headed as she opened her door, gave him a smile then disappeared. Jamie thought maybe by tomorrow night, she would be more than willing to share with him providing they had a good time.

Rose sat on the edge of her bed, wondering what The Doctor would think of her agreeing to be Jamie's girlfriend but it had taken her some time to get over hearing his voice and just seeing his image when they'd arrived on that beach.

She had thought Pete was being insensitive by hiring Jamie and then seeing if she wanted to work with him or not but she had come to realise he was only trying to make up for her loss.

The next morning, Jamie had beaten her downstairs and was trying his best to feed an impatient Tony with his cereal.

"Aw, you were worried about lookin' after him later," Rose grinned, ruffling Tony's hair.

Jamie tried to look serious.

"There's nothing to it really," he tried to bluff. "So, you get your laptop out and choose somewhere to go tonight?"

"You're only just arranging it?" Jackie sounded confused.

"We only decided last night Mum," Rose told her. "Where are you off to this morning?"

"Just to the shopping mall. Pete's got work to catch up on. Jamie, you can manage to look after Tony if Rose comes with me?" Jackie turned to him.

He knew there was no escaping this if he wanted to make a good impression on Rose's mother.

"Yeah, no problemo," he grinned, flicking his hair back.

"Well I need a new dress for tonight," Rose then insisted.

"Oh, you two, be here after work on Monday," Jackie suddenly announced as she went to clean Tony's face. "I'm gonna arrange for Pete's PR team to announce that you're dating. They'll send a reporter and photographer to distribute to all the papers."

Jamie suddenly looked up from his own breakfast that had just been placed in front of him.

"What? You mean everyone will know about us? Blimey."

"We'll only have to do it once, then no-one will bother about us," Rose tried to tell him. "We won't have to sneak around or anything, the press know better than to go up against my stepfather."

"I suppose so then?" he had to agree, wondering what he was letting himself in for.

"Well we could leave it and have reporters following us everywhere?" Rose teased him.

"Very funny Rose. You'd best find us somewhere to go then?" Jamie suggested.

It didn't take long for Rose to decide what she wanted to go see at the theatre so she said she trusted Jamie to book dinner and a hotel so he thought he'd already gained her trust.

"Right, I'll be back as soon as I can then," Rose announced as she and her mother were about to leave and Jackie had picked Tony up. "We can get dropped off in town later."

"Don't spend up love will you?" Jamie teased her as he picked up Rose's laptop to follow Jackie to where she was taking Tony.

Why had he been roped in to look after a baby for the morning? Still, he supposed if he shouted one of the staff, they would find Pete Tyler for him and it would show he was taking an interest in Rose's family.

Once at the shopping mall, Rose arranged to meet her mother and went to try on dresses for a night out on the town. She also chose some suitable nightwear and hoped things wouldn't get too heated for a real first night together. She just hoped she was doing the right thing in agreeing so early in their new relationship. Once she had what she wanted, she found her mother sat in the café area.

"Are ya sure it's a good idea before ya go to the press?" Jackie wanted to know.

"Mum, hardly anyone knows me, remember?" Rose objected. "It's only since, well ya know?"

"Well once people start takin' an interest, ya'd better be ready," Rose was warned.

"It had better not scare Jamie off Mum," Rose replied, drinking her latte from a paper carton.

"He seems serious I suppose?" Jackie told her.

A driver picked them up outside, as arranged and they were soon back home again, Jamie having been relieved when Pete had gone to see how he was getting on. Jackie made a fuss over the boy when she got inside and Rose went to her room to pack, Jamie following her.

"Spent up love?" he grinned across at her as he leaned on the door, not daring to close it in case her mother was on the prowl.

"Not a chance," Rose joked back. "Are ya gettin' ready then?" she hinted at his attire.

"Oh? I suppose I should then?" he laughed, thankful he'd brought something in case she agreed to go out somewhere. "Everything's arranged, hope you like the hotel."

"It looked nice, I suppose it depends on the room they gave us?" Rose wondered. "I expect once everyone gets used to me being a Tyler, I'll only have to mention my name? I don't even know if I want that."

"Well if your mother gets her way, it seems she intends making a start," Jamie replied, hoping Jackie wasn't listening.

"She wanted to go public, a while back but I was doing my training and catching up with my education so there wasn't much point," Rose admitted. "Sorry she's draggin' you into it."

"Don't be sorry Rose," he told her, venturing into her room, thinking he was safe enough if the door was still open.

He leaned down as Rose went to him and they sneaked a kiss.

"Hey, get out of here before mum catches ya," Rose then laughed.

"I'm going," Jamie laughed back. "When we get back tomorrow, we tell her we're together and if she's putting us in the papers, she'd best get used to it," he insisted.

"You can tell her then," Rose dared him.

Jamie waggled his eyebrows, which always seemed to get him a smile from Rose.

Just after three, Jamie having been told they could book into the hotel near the theatre after four, he was waiting nervously downstairs for Rose to come down.

"You do know Rose has expensive tastes?" Pete laughed as Jamie was sat at the bottom of the stairs, an overnight bag beside him and wearing a jacket and trousers along with a fancy shirt.

"I think I'm about to find out Pete," Jamie replied nervously. "She said though she's not very well known yet, I hope it stays that way?"

"As long as we can Jamie but she'll soon start getting noticed if her mother gets her way," Pete smiled. "If you two are going to be serious, you and I need to have a talk."

"Oh? Should I be worried?" Jamie wondered where Rose had got to.

"No, it's not that bad," Pete replied. "Have a good night out then."

"Thanks, I hope she enjoys it, I'm still a bit nervous," Jamie admitted. "I am serious about her."

Rose finally came out of her room, having been wondering if she could share a room but maybe Jamie was right, they couldn't really find out how they felt if they avoided it. It was better to go out somewhere than go to his apartment.

When they got out of the car outside the hotel, Jamie checked them both in and they were shown to their room, which met with Rose's approval.

"So, we eat at six thirty, just in the dining room, thought it would save finding somewhere else, then it's a short walk to the theatre. Glad you chose a light romantic comedy over something serious like Shakespeare," Jamie told her.

"Wait until next time then," Rose warned him, seeing him pull a face.

Then he saw her smile at him as she hung her dress up in front of the mirrored wardrobe.

"Wow, is that your new dress?" he dared ask.

"Mmm, like it?" she teased him, glad she hadn't bought anything too daring for a first proper date.

"It looks very nice Rose. Oh, I have something for you. I had already made my mind up to ask you out properly tonight so, I got this for you."

He went in his overnight bag and brought out a small box wrapped in silver paper. Rose took it and opened it carefully and found a lovely delicate silver bracelet with a single heart on the clasp.

"It's lovely Jamie, thanks. Will you fasten it for me when I get changed?" she asked.

She sat in front of the window, since it was a bit early to get ready, she'd already had a shower, put some new underwear on to save doing it later so she just had to put her new dress on and put her hair up. Jamie was sat on the edge of the bed.

"Rose, come and sit with me?" he dared to suggest. "I just wanted to say that I'm happy you agreed to come out with me tonight."

"I'm glad ya asked. I mean the last few times we've been out have been nice enough though," she admitted.

"They have? Good, that's a relief," Jamie let out a sigh of relief. "I've not had a girlfriend for a while."

"Yeah, well. I sort of lost my boyfriend. I mean he's still around, somewhere. I don't talk about it. Sorry," she replied.

"Tell me when you're ready maybe? I'd like you to be able to trust me Rose," he asked as she got up and he held his arms out.

They kissed for a good while then talked about things they'd not yet told each other like what they liked and disliked, finding a lot they agreed on such as musical tastes.

"Ah, I must confess, I'm rather late to finding I like Beatles songs," Jamie laughed as he had his arm around Rose.

Rose had been glad they'd existed here as well as where she'd come from.

"Don't tell mum but she tried to turn me into a Cliff Richard fan," Rose giggled.

"Oh, I might have known," Jamie laughed some more.

"Yeah, we used to watch all his old movies every holiday," Rose admitted.

"Poor old you," Jamie tried to sound serious as Rose nudged him. "Why don't you go get changed eh?" he then suggested.

Rose was rather enjoying getting close. She took her dress into the bathroom and held it in front of her. It was a short-sleeved dark blue chiffon with gold trimmings and a black lining. She hoped it wasn't going to be too much once she had it on when the lining gave off a purple hue.

"Wow, look at you," Jamie looked at her. "You look amazing Rose. Here, let me put that bracelet on for you?"

They went to the dining room just before six thirty, telling the head waiter they were going out and Jamie put Rose's jacket on the back of her chair for her.

"Let's hope the service is fast," Jamie joked.

They were soon served and had plenty of time to walk to the theatre and find their seats.

"Looking forward to this love?" Jamie smiled as he took her hand, her jacket over his lap.

"Yeah, I wanted to see it a while ago," Rose admitted.

"What stopped you then?" he whispered into her ear, Rose trying not to shiver.

"I had no-one to go with – plum," she replied as the lights began to dim and people settled down.

Jamie just smiled to himself as Rose put her arm in his and the theatre curtain opened to reveal the first act of the play. Jamie had pre-booked drinks as well, thinking it may also impress his new girlfriend and when the play had finished, he delayed walking back to the hotel.

"We could go to a late-night wine bar?" he suggested as they stood outside the theatre.

Rose looked around and realised they were quite near one of the main squares.

"Can we go find a café? I'd love some hot chocolate," she insisted.

They found somewhere still open and sat with their hot drinks.

"Did you enjoy that then?" Jamie wanted to know.

"Yeah, it was good," Rose agreed. "So, want to do anything tomorrow?"

"Does it involve looking after your baby brother?" Jamie asked cautiously.

"Aw, not up to the challenge?" Rose teased him.

"Huh, I managed this morning," he objected.

"I'm just messin' with ya," Rose smiled. "Mum will be pleased ya managed."

"As long as she doesn't expect me to do it every Saturday morning?" he added.

"That depends if we decide to go shopping together again," Rose further teased him.

He saw her trying to hide her smile and let it go. They walked back to the hotel hand in hand and went to their room, Rose debating if she should retreat to the bathroom or not to get ready for bed.

"Rose, please don't hide," he asked her as he put his arms around her neck after taking the bracelet off for her.

"Sorry, I'm just a bit shy," Rose told him.

"You don't have to be. You could start by unfastening my shirt buttons," he suggested.

"Yeah, I can do that," Rose easily agreed.

Once his shirt was off, he went for the zip of her dress, thinking maybe she would tell him to stop but she didn't and once her dress was off, he admired her new lingerie set she'd bought as she slipped the nightdress over her head and led her to the bed.

"You can back out, if you still want to," he offered as he let her in first.

Rose just shook her head so he got in beside her, leaning with his arms behind his head as he let her make the first move. She did, by placing her hands on his chest and making circles. He moved one arm and put his behind her back, touching her skin that wasn't covered by the nightdress that was v-shaped at the back.

He then pushed her over onto her back and began kissing her neck and made his way slowly down where her skin was exposed. Then he decided to find out exactly how she would react to him moving the straps on her nightdress and when she didn't object, he pulled them down and began kissing her shoulders.

Just as nearby clocks were all chiming midnight, Rose whispered that she wanted more with him. She knew she'd been on her own far too long and she'd found someone who didn't seem like he was going anywhere. They could sort all the details out later, like working together as she felt him reaching for his shorts, then her underwear and suddenly, she thought she was going to melt.

Jamie could hear her making funny little noises and hoped they were a good sign. He thought she was responding to his moves anyway so he must be doing something right, unlike with that ungrateful French ex-girlfriend who had finally gone back home complaining he never treated her right. He didn't think he was going to have the same problem with Rose as she made more contented noises in his ear and thought they were sweet.

He allowed her to change places when she indicated she was getting over-excited and was starting to giggle.

"I get a giggle from you?" he teased her as she lay on top of him.

"Sorry, it was just too good," she replied, feeling happier than she had been for a long time.

"Well, I may let you off then," he replied as she began moving on him again, making him wanting to start again but didn't know if she was quite ready for him a second time.

He found she was, despite being on top of him and they both found it just as enjoyable when he'd given her enough hints.

"That was certainly unexpected," he had to admit when Rose rolled over to find her underwear, which was on the headboard – surprisingly.

They had left the bedside lamp on a very low setting, Jamie had wanted to be able to actually see where he had been kissing her.

"Rose, that was, well really incredible actually. What would you say to maybe staying over at my place at weekends?" he asked hopefully. "Do you need time to think about it?"

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